McLaren P1™: Embracing Alternative Fuels

As the title of the video below suggests, McLaren is embracing alternative fuels with the new McLaren P1™ supercar. But not in, perhaps the way you might think...

The McLaren P1™ is a rare breed. If you’re reading this, then chances are you already know that. You probably already know about its inspiration – the iconic F1. You also probably know that the P1 provides astonishing levels of performance, whether on the road or at the track. But humor us, as we tell you more about this motoring icon. Even if you already know about all it has to offer, we’re having fun recounting the many draws of this one-of-a-kind vehicle. And we’re sure that you’ll be delighted reading about them, too. Because this McLaren is not just great by our standards. It’s among the most impressive super cars ever produced.

Testing, Testing, Testing

Having been tested on the Nurburgring, this limited-run super car was built to deliver a lap time of under seven minutes. And it delivers. But the McLaren P1™ also was tested for other kinds of extremes. It spent time in the Arctic Circle, with temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celcius, equivalent to about -40 degrees Fahrenheit. It also spent time in Death Valley, California (with temps commonly hovering around 50 degrees Celcius, or 122 degrees Fahrenheit).

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It’s been tested, and tested some more. And then tested even more after that. Now, the McLaren P1™ is ready for drivers just. like. you. If you’re among the lucky few who can seriously consider taking one of these vehicles home, then we encourage you to contact us here at McLaren Palm Beach today to discuss next steps. We look forward to it!


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