Automobile Magazine's Prototype Drive of the McLaren Senna

The 2019 McLaren Senna is one of the fastest production vehicles ever produced. Automobile Magazine recently had a chance to review this new McLaren super car in Silverstone Circuit, England. They had a lot of things to say, about the Senna (click the link above the read the entire article). Here are some of the most apropos and interesting points of Automobile Magazine's review:

"...the Senna is such a whirlwind of g forces, so Krakatoa-like in its speed and braking power, in only a lap or two it could easily reduce a NASA astronaut to a trembling, babbling impersonation of Linda Blair."

" be a 'Senna', McLaren's new supercar had to be spectacular. It is."

"Do not mistake the Senna for an upgraded 720S. While the two cars share some basic hardware, the Senna is an entirely new automobile -- the new pinnacle of McLaren's Ultimate Series range."

"The acceleration of the Senna is insane (for you numbers types, that means a quarter-mile time of just 9.9 seconds)."

The McLaren Senna is an absolutely vicious performance car..."

"...indeed, McLaren has clearly produced one of the quickest road-legal sports cars of all time..."

Learn More about the new McLaren Lineup

If the excerpts above from Automobile Magazine's prototype drive of the 2019 Senna are any indication of its performance capability - and we think they are - then you're in for a treat if you ever get a chance to drive this super car. Still, the rest of the McLaren lineup has plenty of vehicles that sell for less, and still provide ample performance capability. Interested? Contact us today online or by phone at (855) 696-2527 and we'll be happy to tell you more about all the amazing McLaren vehicles we sell on a daily basis here at McLaren Palm Beach.

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