Can You Test Drive a McLaren?

2022 McLaren Artura front seat interior

Are you considering a McLaren in West Palm Beach? You may be wondering if you’re even able to take a new McLaren model out on a test drive. After all, supercars are enormously complex machines that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so this is not your average test drive! The primary issue is that the greater exposure when test driving a model that has the value of several dozen commuter cars is significant. 

In short, while you can test drive a McLaren at McLaren Palm Beach, you should prepare yourself for a more involved experience, and you’ll need to make some preparations. 

What to Expect During a McLaren Test Drive

You can test drive a McLaren at our West Palm Beach showroom. If you plan to finance your purchase, we highly recommend you apply for financing ahead of your test drive visit, provide an active driver’s license, and show proof of current automobile insurance in order to demonstrate a McLaren vehicle, and even then, the test drive experience is a bit different.

During a McLaren test drive, our Brand Manager will do the driving, and you’ll be able to experience the handling of a McLaren as a passenger first with a detailed orientation from our Brand Manager. Even as a passenger, we can give you a nuanced demonstration of how your next McLaren accelerates at different RPMs and break down all of its performance features. By the end, you’ll know exactly how that McLaren handles.

Why Can’t I Drive a McLaren by Myself?

If it’s surprising to hear about all the precautions being taken in preparation for a McLaren test drive, these supercars are major investments, so the liability of allowing just anyone to test drive a McLaren is too high. It’s certainly no comment on your driving skills whatsoever; we understand that many of you are highly-skilled drivers and may even race competitively at the track, but the risks of allowing a McLaren car shopper to take a model for a spin at our dealership are too many. 

If you’re on the fence about which model to invest in, rest assured that our Brand Manager can ensure you’re fully aware of the differences between the models you’re interested in before you decide between them. 

Your Safety is Our Top Priority During Your McLaren Test Drive

Since McLaren models are among the fastest supercars in production today, we know how tempting it can be to put a McLaren’s performance output to the test. However, safety (yours and that of the other drivers on the road) is a top priority for us during a test drive, which means it is always required that you adhere to local speed limits and traffic laws during your McLaren test drive with McLaren Palm Beach.

If You’re Ready, Take a McLaren Test Drive at McLaren Palm Beach 

Quick recap: you can test drive a McLaren near Boca Raton at our showroom, but you’ll need to apply for financing, be fully insured, and our Brand Manager will do the driving. We’re here to help McLaren shoppers finalize their decision when deciding between McLaren models. You can call us at 855-696-2527 to further discuss an opportunity to test drive a McLaren. In the meantime, take a moment to explore our new vehicle specials to find opportunities to save on McLaren models from the current lineup!

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