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McLaren F1 production ran from 1992-1998. In 1995, the F1 won the 24-hours of Le Mans race, and in 1998, it set the Guiness World Book of Records for fastest car ever produced with a top speed of 231 MPH. In 2005, Channel4 placed the F1 at number one in its list of the “Greatest 100 Cars Ever Produced,” dubbing it “the greatest automotive achievement of all time.” 

With just 106 models produced during its run, the McLaren F1 has become one of the most valuable automotive collectibles in the world. “Which celebrities own a McLaren F1,” you ask? Find out with McLaren Palm Beach, and apply for financing to experience the legacy of McLaren design in action with the latest lineup of new McLaren supercars

Which Celebrities Own a McLaren F1? 

From the Beatles’ famed guitarist and Pink Floyd’s drummer to Elon Musk, the McLaren F1 celebrity owners are among the most iconic people who have ever lived. This car is so valuable that Mr. Bean crashed his F1 twice and still managed to upsell it! Take a moment to glance over the names of the most famous McLaren F1 owners: 

  • George Harrison 
  • Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkison) 
  • Ralph Lauren 
  • Elon Musk 
  • Jay Leno
  • Lewis Hamilton 
  • Nick Mason 
  • Sultan of Brunei

McLaren F1 Highlights 

The McLaren F1 is no longer the fastest car ever produced, but 20 years later, it remains among the top 5. It could accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3.2 seconds and had a top speed of 231 MPH. Many vehicles in this category implement forced induction, but the McLaren F1 was naturally aspirated, and to this day, it’s the fastest naturally aspirated vehicle ever produced! 

The standard McLaren F1 featured a 6-speed manual gearbox with an AP carbon triple-plate clutch in an aluminum housing. The most common engine featured on the road-legal, standard version of McLaren F1 supercars was a V12 engine with 618 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque. 

In addition to being powerful, the F1’s design optimized every single one of the horses available to it. The McLaren F1’s exterior chassis design was among the first to feature a carbon fiber monocoque design, and while it didn’t feature a fin to generate downforce, the entire undercarriage and rear diffuser were fine-tuned to transform drag into downforce. The F1 even offered drivers a toggle that allowed them to switch between low and high downforce modes! 

Test Drive the Latest McLaren Vehicles in West Palm Beach 

Now that you know about the McLaren F1 celebrity owners, let us be frank—it’s unlikely that a McLaren F1 will end up at our Florida McLaren dealership anytime soon, but the latest lineup of McLaren models offer the most thoughtful design elements yet. From all-carbon fiber chassis designs to the 50 mpge fuel economy of the McLaren Artura PHEV supercar, it’s an exciting time in McLaren history. Give McLaren Palm Beach a call at 855-696-2527 to arrange a test drive in West Palm Beach. Now that you know which celebrities own McLaren, take some time to explore our McLaren research guides for other helpful reads, including our overview of “Who owns McLaren?”

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