2020 McLaren 570S vs. 720S – Which is Better For You

August 30th, 2019 by

It’s always a challenge to identify which car is the perfect one for you. It can be even more difficult to make such a choice when there are two exceptional models! There are excellent aspects to both the 570S Spider and the 720S Spider by McLaren. Here’s the lowdown on the two cars.

Unbelievable Look

The 720S Spider is, much like its 570 counterpart, the epitome of style. From the outside, you’ll notice a body curve that descends toward the front, and then boosts up toward the trunk. This creates a luxurious, sporty impression, and gives a sense of body and impact. It’s much like the Coupe, in this sense, yet with the exciting opportunity to drive with the top down! The pronounced look of the 720S Spider is a product of aerodynamic optimization labor, completed by McLaren’s engineers and designers.

Regarding the 570S, imagine real excitement at every turn of the wheel! Whether zooming by with the top up or down, you can’t go wrong with its exceptional style. In the case of the 570S, the narrow body is low at the front, but not quite as low as the 720S. Nonetheless, this creates a stylish appeal, with the windshield curved inward for poise. With a sharp, curvaceous molding throughout, it is a car that won’t be overlooked.

Dashing Interior

The interior of the 720S Spider is impressive. You will enjoy top-level leather upholstery, and a switchgear that is artfully done. It is mostly made of machined aluminum, which offers a light look, yet is practical. McLaren’s signature material throughout the cabin is a fine carbon fiber trim. Altogether, the interior space is comfortable and luxurious.

The interior space of the 570S is also highly stylized and premium. The seating area is comprised of hand-stitched leather, chrome edges, and a convenient console in the center. This creates a sporty, yet leisurely feel, so you be fully at home in your ride, especially throughout a long trip.

High Performance

Naturally, the Spider 720S is as powerful and exciting as it appears, and has exceptional performance. Underlying its exterior craftsmanship is a carbon fiber Monocage II-S structure with an exceedingly powerful 4.0-liter twin turbocharged V-8 engine. With this on its side, it can deliver 720 PS and 770 nm of torque, for an unbelievably powerful journey. The exposed engine bay is exceptional, too, placing the car’s power on display.

In terms of performance, the 570S Spider offers an excellent ride both in city streets and out in the wild. Check out the Active Dynamics Panel, where you can choose the best setting for the road. The options include normal, sport, or track. The 570S Spider boasts 443 pounds per feet of torque and 562 bhp.

Both the 570S and the 720S are phenomenal vehicles, inside and out. Powerful and unbelievably crafted, these cars are amazing for a ride through the city, or for an adventurous journey with the top down! Come by to the McLaren dealership today to check them out yourself, and decide which is best for you!