6 Reasons to Consider Leasing Your Next McLaren

December 13th, 2019 by

Stuck trying to decide between leasing or financing your next McLaren? We’ve done the research for you so that your next car shopping experience can be less chaotic. Here are six reasons to consider leasing your next McLaren.

Lower Monthly Payments

When you lease a car, you usually end up with lower monthly payments than with a traditional auto loan. This allows you to purchase a nicer, or more luxurious, car than you would be able to with a loan. The payment is also more likely to fit into your monthly budget nicely. This isn’t to say that you should base this important decision solely on monthly payments, but this is important for a lot of buyers.

It Will be Covered by Warranties

Since you will only be in possession of your new McLaren for a few years, the chances of repairs being covered by warranties are pretty high. You most likely won’t have to worry about the costs of repairs like you would if you took out a longer-term loan on your car.

You Get a New Car More Often

Like most people, you probably love that feeling of driving a new car off the lot, especially a McLaren. With a lease, you get a new car more often. Most leases are only for 3-year terms which means that every three years you get a new car. Just return your currently leased car and pick out a new one.

Smaller Down Payment

Another huge advantage to leasing your next McLaren is the fact you will most likely have a smaller down payment. Many leases don’t even require one. If this isn’t the case, you might still be able to negotiate the amount you put down.

Trade-Ins are Easy

If you really haven’t made up your mind yet, then the fact that trade-ins will be easier might be the deciding factor for you. Most people have been in the situation where they go to trade-in a vehicle they still have a loan on, and the dealership can’t fully pay off the loan. So, they end up carrying some of that balance into the new car loan. With a lease, you just pay your final fees, if there any, and you are off the hook. You could even drive off in your new McLaren the very same day. There is no selling or trade-in hassle to worry about.

You Can Get More Car for Your Money

If you want a car with all the luxurious finishes in technology, engine, and safety then leasing is a great option yet again. This desire can usually only be satisfied with a new vehicle, and leasing gives you more wiggle room in pricing to get just that. You’ll be able to get a McLaren for fewer costs when leasing.

If you are interested in leasing your next McLaren, and have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to a member of our staff at McLaren Palm Beach. We would love to help get you into one of the amazing cars we have here on the lot.