Bye. Bye 600LT Series.

October 14th, 2019 by

Bye, Bye 600LT Series. You’ll be missed, Seriously.
It’s a sad time. Most of you know that all sportscars speak to me, some more than others. There are the special ones that draw you in, the loyal ones that are immediately familiar but maintain an air of mystery.

Being in so many different sports cars throughout the years, I have had the pleasure of experiencing a slew of performance attributes. From endless Porsches models to Ariel Atoms, the McLaren LT branding stands out; it has a way of grabbing hold of one’s feelings. My feelings, to be exact.

Let’s face it; for a car to grab me, it has to suck my eyeballs into the back of my head, perform in all conditions, and come with the latest telemetry tech. Then there are those that love to be driven too. They saunter into the arena very quietly, and “Bam” awaken your spirit. That is the 600LT, a shot of the finest Columbian coffee with a splash of rocket fuel. The 45-degree angled exhaust becomes an immediate flame thrower under load; the deep exhaust note reminds you to shift near the 8700 RPM redline. The LT adrenaline blow is a blast of fun around every corner, heightening the mundane daily commute. Yes, I said daily, why not feel like this every day? Anyone can have an Apple a day; an LT a day is just what the doctor ordered.

McLaren never quite let us know precisely when she would leave, just that her stay was short. Her mission was distinct; to slay the track and your emotions. And slay she did. Such an exceptionally tuned McLaren was bound to break hearts. If you were lucky enough to experience the 600LT in it’s intended habitat, you might know what I’m talking about; you might understand this feeling of being left at the altar. How can it be over? Will I ever love again? Maybe, but as we start the countdown towards the next Super Series LT, I am reminded that the 600LT fills that supercar sweet spot; the perfect ride at the right price point. Following Coupe last fall, the LT Spider ends production this December. If you haven’t driven one yet, reach out because this one will slip away.

For more information on Mclaren 600LT, contact Mclaren Palm Beach at 855-MY-MCLAREN or 561-805-5555.