Car Culture In West Palm Beach, FL

March 23rd, 2020 by

Palm Beach, Florida, is known for some of the best beach resorts with phenomenal party scenes. It is also home to a vast community of car enthusiasts. This is evident in the various auto clubs and world-class car shows it hosts. The community enjoys having a variety of motor events, and auto counterculture has found the perfect place in this peaceful coastal town. These yearly events showcase all kinds of vehicles, including new-age muscle cars, vintage, and classic vehicles. Here are some of the spectacular automobile shows that will drive you to plan a visit to this hub of car culture.

Boca Raton Concours

Boca Raton Concours is the world’s largest Concours owned by a charity. It has faithfully held events for the last fourteen years, and is of great benefit to the auto enthusiasts of Brown County. You will enjoy a splendid show of vintage cars, motorcycles, and private jets. The event includes delicious gourmet foods, with dazzling wines and spirits from over 25 Florida restaurants. Plan to be part of the more than a thousand attendees who grace the auto show for a marvelous automobile experience.

Palm Beach Concours

One of the newest automobile event holders, Palm Beach Concours promises to host historic events the community of Palm Beach will love to attend. Their auto events showcase some of the magnificent high-end luxurious automobiles, from exotics to classics. You will enjoy the venue as they choose some of the most delightful resorts to allow you to have a wholesome experience. Some of the winning cars of their most recent event include the 1925 Rolls-Royce Piccadilly, 1939 Bugatti Type 57C, 2016 Glickenhaus SCG003CS, and 1970 Ferrari Dino 246 GTL, among others. Visit their website to book your spot for the next auto show event.

Cavallino Classic

Having recently concluded their 29th automobile event of 2020, Cavallino Classics showcased an amazing arrear of timeless classic cars. They had eight 250 GTE 2+2s, three 575 Superamericas, a rare project car SP30, and the first Monza SP1 to showcase in Palm Beach, among others. If you are out to meet a group of beautiful people in a serene environment surrounded by sensational cars, check out their website for the next Cavallino Classic event.

Why Palm Beach?

  • Palm Beach car culture is supported by well-equipped garages, reliable auto shops and vendors who have a passion for cars and automobile accessories.
  • Palm Beach has generous sponsors like the Clean Culture, Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction, and Adam’s Polishes, among others who ensure the event is well supported.
  • Palm Beach residents are largely wealthy people who have the funds to own and maintain luxurious cars, events, and lifestyles.
  • Since the mid-1900s, the Palm Beach area has been the place to go for a unique car counterculture. It is home to a community of motor-lovers. Plan to attend a motor show event and have an automobile life-changing experience.