Everything We Know About The McLaren 620R in Palm Beach, FL

February 3rd, 2020 by

McLaren has recently rolled out a lot of new models, and there seems to be no signs of slowing for these pioneers of automotive engineering. The new Mclaren 620R sets the bar even higher with a road-legal version of the McLaren GT4 race car.

The McLaren 620R,

The Mclaren 620R will be the first car in its class to offer a true motorsport experience in a fully road-legal package. With just 350 of these models going into production McLaren continues to evolve and build off the success of the Mclaren 570S GT4, delivering an unmatched experience on the track or road. McLaren’s overall goal with the 620R was to make a seamless transition from track to the road and vice versa. Everything about the Mclaren 620R is to give you the feel of an actual performance race-car free from the restrictions that race regulations apply. McLaren Automotive’s CEO Mike Flewitt had this to say about the brand new 620R: “The McLaren 570S GT4 is a first-class GT race car that having won races in every championship it has competed in since its first appearance in 2017 is attracting an increasing number of customer racing teams. Now, in response to repeated customer requests, we have homologated that class-leading package for the road in the new McLaren 620R, a limited-edition, 620PS superlight coupé that is the perfect choice for an enthusiast wanting an authentic motorsport driving sensation – and performance to match – on both track and road.”

Performance & Precision

The Mclaren 620R is the most powerful Sports Series McLaren model that has come out to date! This powerhouse has the 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that is used in the GT4, but with a significant difference in power output, free of the racing regulations that bound it previously. The 620R is a bit more focused on lap speed rather than top speed, hitting an astonishing 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, 0-124mph in 8.1, and a maximum speed of 200mph. With Mclaren’s latest light-weight braking system the 620R’s stopping power is simply incredible and the aerodynamics are what truly sets it apart from its predecessor the GT4. The adjustable carbon-fiber rear wing is the same component fitted to the 570S GT4, but is raised 12.5in into the cleaner airflow above the vehicle to increase downforce while minimizing drag. The 620R wing is road legal thanks to its newly incorporated third brake light and customers will receive their 620R with the wing set to the least aggressive of its 3 available angels making sure the car is optimized for front/rear balance and daily road driving. The more aggressive angles, which can be set by a McLaren retailer, increase rear downforce still further and contribute to a maximum of 408lbs and enabling even quicker circuit-running!

Overall, this road and track legal Mclaren is truly a beauty and beast. McLaren continues to revolutionize the automotive world with multiple model upgrades on top of the release of brand new models such as the 620R. This gives the supercar company even more to work with in their endless pursuit of automotive research and development. McLaren continues to amaze us and we look forward to every second of it.