Legacy Model Spotlight: McLaren P1™ Overview

Black McLaren P1 rear view

The McLaren P1™ began production in 2013, with only 375 models produced, all of which sold out before production ended in 2015. A spiritual successor to the 1995 F1, which won Le Mans in under 24 hours, the McLaren P1™ had a lot to live up to, but it did with flying colors.

With the McLaren P1™ price starting at $1.1 million new and now fetching prices of $1.2-$1.4 million, if you’re looking for a McLaren P1™ for sale near Jupiter, the price and scarcity of this iconic hypercar mean you should work with an auctioneer in the global marketplace. That said, McLaren Palm Beach can put you in touch with our contacts. Another option is to consider the McLaren Artura, which has taken all the ideas introduced by the McLaren P1™ a step farther. Take a moment to read about the McLaren P1™ interior, performance, and more. Then, if you’re interested, fill out a pre-approval and explore our inventory of McLaren Artura models

McLaren P1™ Performance

The P1™ features a 3.8L V8 twin-turbocharged engine with a 132 kW electric motor. This hybrid power plant generates 903 bhp and 664 lb-ft of torque. Those specs allow a McLaren P1™ for sale to go from 0-62 mph in just 2.8 seconds. Despite its swift acceleration, the P1™ has 19 miles of dedicated electric range on Wellington when in EV mode. 

McLaren P1™ Interior and Exterior Design 

Now that you’re familiar with the McLaren P1™ price and performance, take a moment to check out some of its design highlights: 

McLaren P1™ Interior Design 

  • Lightweight sports seats with carbon fiber shells weigh just 10.5kg. 
  • Carbon fiber accents throughout the trim reduce weight while looking great! 
  • Your vehicle features three TFT screens with switchable modes. 
  • Alcántara leather-wrapped steering wheel feature buttons for DRS and IPAS systems. 

McLaren P1™ Exterior Design 

  • RaceActive Chassis Control adapts aspects of your chassis to channel downforce in response to unique road conditions.
  • A carbon fiber monocage fortifies the structural integrity of your chassis, while only weighing 90 kg. Did we mention it’s twice as strong as titanium? 
  • Moveable front and rear wings turn drag into up to 600 lbs of downforce. 

Have Questions About the McLaren P1™? 

Now that you’ve read about the McLaren P1™ interior, McLaren P1™ price, and engine specs, if you have more questions about the P1™, just give us a call at 855-696-2527. You can also get in touch to register interest for the new McLaren Artura in West Palm Beach, which is basically a more advanced P1™. 

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