McLaren Battery Care and Maintenance

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At McLaren Palm Beach, we understand that many of our Wellington neighbors don’t drive their McLaren every day. This can make McLaren battery replacement a highly variable process. This situation can raise questions. For instance, if your McLaren only comes out of the garage on the weekends for joyrides, do you have to change your battery out as often if it’s being used less frequently? 

Take a moment to reach our comprehensive McLaren battery guide for information about McLaren battery charging, your McLaren battery’s location, and battery replacement intervals. Then, if you have further questions or need help with your McLaren battery, reach out to the McLaren Palm Beach service team

McLaren Battery Safety

If you’re charging up the electric range of the McLaren Artura PHEV, you’ll need to follow several McLaren battery safety tips. Important things to note include: 

  • Your McLaren features a lithium-ion battery, and only a lithium-ion battery charger should be used to replenish your McLaren’s battery supply.
  • Your McLaren’s lithium battery is sealed for life. Never break that seal in an attempt to inspect the battery cells. 
  • To prolong the life of your McLaren battery, passively charge its battery from your home charger when you’re not using it. 
  • Before charging your McLaren battery, always make sure you’re using cables that are in good condition. 
  • Never charge a damaged battery. 
  • Always make sure you’re charging in a well-ventilated area. 
  • Never touch your charger to your McLaren battery. 
  • Never place any metal objects on your battery, as it could explode. 

McLaren Battery Charging 

To charge your McLaren battery, you’ll want to connect your charger to the accessory socket in the luggage compartment. The McLaren battery location is actually in the rear of your McLaren near the floor, but the socket is under the front hood. This is what you’ll use to charge your battery. Make sure to consult the instructions that came with your charger before proceeding with your first charge. 

Boost Starting a McLaren From Another Vehicle 

  1. Ensure that both batteries are 12 V and that the booster cables have insulated clamps and are approved for use with 12 V batteries. 
  2. Do not connect positive (+) terminals to negative (-) terminals.
  3. Take care when working near rotating parts of the engine. Ensure cables are kept well clear.
  4. If a donor vehicle is to be used, park it so that the battery location is adjacent, but ensure the two vehicles do not touch.
  5. Apply the parking brake and ensure that the transmission of both vehicles is set in neutral (or park for vehicles with automatic transmission).
  6. Switch off the ignition and all electrical equipment in both vehicles.
  7. Open the luggage compartment and remove any items stowed inside.
  8. Remove the 2 quarter turn screws, securing the top of the battery access cover.
  9. Open the top of the battery access cover and disconnect the 2 electrical connectors on the back of the cover. 
  10. Lift the battery access cover upwards, off its locating pegs, and remove.
  11. Before connecting the booster cables, ensure that the battery terminals on the disabled vehicle are correctly and securely connected and that all electrical equipment has been switched off.
  12. Connect one end of the positive (+) booster cable to the positive (+) terminal on the donor vehicle’s battery.
  13. Connect the other end of the positive (+) booster cable to the positive (+) terminal tab on the disabled vehicle’s battery (A). 
  14. Connect one end of the negative (-) booster cable to the negative (-) terminal on the donor vehicle’s battery. 
  15. Connect the other end of the negative (-) booster cable to the negative (-) terminal on the disabled vehicle’s battery (B). 
  16. Check that the cables are clear of any moving components and that all four connections are secure.
  17. Ensure that each connection is securely made and that there is no risk of the clips accidentally slipping or being pulled from the connection points/battery terminal – this could cause sparking, which could lead to fire or explosion. 
  18. Start the engine of the donor vehicle and allow it to run for 2 minutes.
  19. The electrical system on the disabled vehicle should now be ready for the engine to be started.
  20. Start the engine of the disabled vehicle.
  21. Allow both vehicles to idle for 2 minutes.
  22. Switch off the donor vehicle.
  23. Do not switch on any electrical circuits on the previously disabled vehicle until after the booster cables have been removed.
  24. Disconnect the booster cables in the reverse order to that used for connection.
  25. Refit the battery access cover, connect the 2 electrical connectors, and secure it with the 2 screws.

Have Questions About McLaren Battery Replacement? 

If after reading our guide you have further questions about your McLaren battery location, McLaren battery charging issues, or you’re in need of a replacement McLaren battery, get in touch with McLaren Palm Beach. You can reach our service experts at McLaren Palm Beach by calling 561-556-5463. We can answer any questions you might have and get your car in tip-top shape for your Sunday morning joyride in Boca Raton. While you’re here, be sure to explore our other McLaren service tips for other helpful reads, including our overview of how to replace the battery in your McLaren key fob

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