Turn Heads Everywhere You Go in the 2019 570S Coupe

November 8th, 2019 by

If you’re looking for a more affordable coupe without sacrificing the sleek sports-car design or powerful performance capabilities, take a look at the McLaren 570S coupe. Keep reading to learn more about this coupe’s many impressive standard features, as well as some of the myriad options that enable you to choose a look and create a feel that best fits your driving needs and preferences.

Sleek Exterior Design Features

At first glance, the McLaren 570S coupe looks smooth and sleek, like it belongs on the track. This coupe’s design serves a definite aerodynamic purpose. To reduce drag resistance while driving at higher speeds, the 570S is equipped with shrink-wrapped aluminum body panels and designed with a teardrop-shaped cockpit. Two flying buttresses link the roof of the cockpit to the rear deck to further channel air into the engine, keeping it cool and working efficiently. The flying buttresses also increase rear downforce, which facilitates easier handling and added agility.

Other designs features that are sure to turn heads are the wheels and doors. The standard wheels on the 570S coupe are sport 10-spoke cast alloy wheels with a silver wheel finish. However, you can customize your coupe with lightweight five twin-spoke, lightweight 10-spoke or super-lightweight 10-spoke forged alloy wheels. These wheels come in the standard silver finish, the darker stealth finish, or the glimmering diamond-cut finish. The McLaren signature dihedral doors are as sleek as they are practical, offering easy cockpit access and efficiently moving along air toward wing-like air intakes in the rear fenders.

Thrilling Performance Features

The McLaren 570S coupe is equipped with a powertrain to match the sleekness of its exterior. The 570S utilizes every inch of its 570-horsepower 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine. This V-8 is paired with a seven-speed and reverse Seamless Shift Gearbox, designed to handle the upshifts and downshifts while on the circuit. The gearbox can also be used in either auto or manual mode to appropriately fit your driving needs. The aerodynamic exterior and impressive powertrain of the 570S coupe is how it achieves 60 miles per hour in just 3.1 seconds and 100 miles per hour in 6.3 seconds.

Elegant Interior Features

The McLaren 570S coupe’s elegant interior features provide a smooth yet exhilarating experience. Several of the standard features in the coupe include a leather interior with textile headlining, manual sports seats, a carbon black leather steering wheel, tonal stitch, and satin chrome brightwork. The 570S is also equipped with practical infotainment features, such as a 7-inch portrait touch-screen monitor, USB connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, iPhone integration, IRIS navigation, and more. While these interior features are standard on the 570S, the variety of color, design, and leather choices enables you to truly personalize your McLaren 570S coupe.

The 570S is sure to turn heads as you fly by, either on the circuit or the open roads. Come check out a 2019 McLaren 570S coupe today to see just how impressive it is from inside the cockpit.