Introducing the McLaren F1 Racing Team

McLaren Formula One racer

The 2021 Formula One World Championship is the 72nd F1 race. The season kicked off on March 28th and will continue through December 12th. Formula One is the most thrilling, globe-spanning circuit race in automotive history. Read on to learn a little about the McLaren F1 team and some McLaren Formula One history. Then, once West Palm Beach drivers are better acquainted with this year’s McLaren F1 drivers, explore our site for other interesting reads about McLaren F1 racing, including our post on the life of McLaren founder and F1 Grand Prix champion, Bruce McLaren.

What is Formula One Racing? 

Formula One is the elite international race for single-seater formula cars. Teams that drive in Formula One must follow stringent protocol. All drivers must hold a valid “Super License.” All races must be conducted on a track that has been rated with a “1” by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, the highest grade available. Races take place across the world—mostly in rural locations, but sometimes on city streets. Formula One vehicles are the fastest regulated road-course racing cars in the world. 

Throughout the race’s history, the McLaren F1 teams are consistently top-rated. In fact, McLaren F1 drivers have won 182 total races and 8 championships, making McLaren Formula One the second most successful team in history. 

This Year’s Team of McLaren F1 Drivers 

Based out of Woking, England, the McLaren F1 team consists of Team Chief Andreas Seidl and Technical Chief, James Key. As for the McLaren F1 racing drivers, this year’s stars are: 

  • Daniel Ricciardo: An Australian with seven 1st place races under his belt, the self-styled “Honey Badger” has charmed Jupiter audiences with his sense of humor as often as he’s wowed them on the track. With 31 podiums and 1,185 points, his next step is a World Championship! 
  • Lando Norris: With 3 podiums, 212 points, and 44 races under his belt, Lando may be a fresh face in McLaren Formula One, but he’s one of the hottest up comers on the scene. McLaren had him on their radar for two years when he was racing as a teenager and finally placed him on the McLaren F1 team where he came just shy of a top-ten championship placement. In 2020, he moved to 9th place.

Trust McLaren Palm Beach for Formula One Updates! 

Now that Wellington drivers have met the McLaren F1 drivers, you might be curious about getting a taste of McLaren F1 racing performance. If so, call McLaren Palm Beach at 561-556-5454 or contact us online. We’ll walk you through our McLaren inventory, so you can get a feel for the spry acceleration and razor-sharp handling that only McLaren Lightweight Vehicle Architecture can achieve. 

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